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Burning Man

Hi all

Burning Man is a festival that Holds off in Black Rock Nevada US

Have you heard about it or even more attend in one of their annual events?

Tell me about your experience and what you know about this cool event  :)



Burning Man!!! : D  Nope never been to it but it would probably be fun.


No,I haven´t heard about this festival, can you explain what´s it about?

We have festival of fire in Iran. :)


Burning Man is a weeklong annual festival that people gathering in a desert and try to communicate with each other, trying to express themselves, their arts and every cool thing they could do.

It's a kind of freedom from disturbing laws of cities force us to care about and a good experience about living in a desert and after that you should place no trace of yourself.


Yes I know we have great ceremonies in our own culture too :)


Thank you Shanin.

"...that is held in such and such place.". Not "holds off". At least not in the US.

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