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Fasting ? ?

hi ,

Did you find any difficulty in fasting ?




not much
actually i like fasting so much :)

Hmm..., thirsty, some time i forgot to drink before failr.


No, never. I regurally fast one day a month for my health. If you have selfdiscipline it's okay. I am not fasting for that Allah of yours, though.

No trouble with hunger for me, just frequent thirst because it is so hot and humid where I live.

sometimes i forget to don't got angry or grumbling.

hey marco ,,, i dont like your tone
have some respect for others

Ramadhan mobarak for all Muslims.

Sometimes I feel thirsty but patience is the pleasure of fasting. Ramadhan is the month of patience!

You know that fasting has been practiced for centuries before l'Islam

Scientific research has shown that fasting is good for health.



Thank you

I study science, and i know that Fasting healthy for us and this is what the QURAN came so we are on the right .

Is it shows !

Well, until now nothing such hard.

And Marco, listen up Allah is not only of Muslims. He's of all mankind and every other kind in existence and ever existed. Now, whatever you atheist people believe, believe we don't stop you. But Never ever use that kind of language again. Understood. 

I find fasting so hard because unlike yours when we fast we dont really eat whole day for 3-5-7 days depends on your commitment. We can only drink water. I only tried fasting for 3 days so that means not eating anything for 3 days. Well it need really lots of prayers to overcome hunger but its worthed.

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