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What is the biggest regrets in life?




Biggest regret is to have any regrets in life.


I agree with Blake, although I'm not sure if we have the same mindset behind our thoughts or not.  I believe it is important to not have regrets because regret limits where your life will go.  Having regrets means you are focusing on the past and always saying, "If only I hadn't done XXXX (or did do YYYYY), then my life would be better."


I definitely have things that I have done that I wish I hadn't, or things that I should have done and didn't, but if I feel sorry for myself because things are not the way I want them to be, then I am basically telling myself that there is no hope for my life because of past mistakes.  I believe we should accept where we are and learn from our mistakes and do our best as we move forward.


Sometimes, also, we get blessings from mistakes.  I had a boyfriend in college that was very bad for me, but I have an amazing child from that relationship.  It doesn't make the relationship a good thing, but I got a very special blessing in my life, even though I did some really stupid stuff.  So, I can't really "regret" those decisions.

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