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What's your opinion of the European Union (EU)?

I'm curious what the opinions of others are, both those from other countries in the EU and those outside. Do you think it's working? A good idea? What's the future for it? More centralisation or less?



its rubbish to many rules and for uk to expensive


I'm going to give my opinion preface by the disclaimer that I'm American and have never been to Europe. But since I so appreciate hearing comments from Europeans on American politics... I thought, hey, why not?

Okay, seriously, I look at the E.U. and hope that it doesn't become too much more centralized because I think that a lot of what works in European countries does NOT work in America because America is too big and history has shown that large countries cannot be sustained. It becomes something that one central government cannot maintain.

This is the main reason I personally am against socialized medicine in America. I have heard from many people throughout Europe that socialized medicine is a good thing for the people of Europe, and I don't doubt this. Living in America, I know that the federal government does very few things well, and if we move to socialized medicine, it would be better done at the state level. However, when the American government gets involved, it typically gives very little freedom to states to decide how to implement policies.

In America's history, the federal government has been effective in pushing equality (not fast enough, probably, but much faster than individual states would). From slavery, to civil rights, to gay marriage, to immigration reform. So, the federal government is definitely a good thing in some instances. I live in the southeastern U.S. where slavery was rampant, and from attitudes here, it is obvious that if the federal government had not stepped in, then the progess that has been made for equal rights for blacks would not have happened.

I'm don't have strong views of what should be centralized and what should be left to states or individual countries, but I do hope the best for Europe and hope that the E.U. will not become like the U.S. federal government. And I would hate to see the culture and diversity in Europe get sucked out because of centralization.

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