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Girl propose to a guy for a marriage. What do u think about this?

What is your opinion about a girl proposing to a man for a marriage? Is it okay or acceptable to do this? isn't it awkward? Should a girl have to wait for the man to propose to her? Is this common in your country?



love is crazy, everything can be happen. so it's ok to acceptable for me

I think it depends upon how you interact with your boyfriends as usual . Even you want to propose to him , I suggest you might choose a favorable time and suitable situation to propose. How to propose is quite skillful and requires consideration . It sounds too strategic but the truth is you want his answer is OK . I consider it is not wise to propose  bluntly and too rushing  . It is not uncommon in my countries for girls to propose , however girls must keep in mind their blunt proposal stun their lovers from time to time. That is why I think good place and good manner is critical.



Allen - Hmm yeah you have a point.. Well girl might as well consider if the guy is already ready for marriage.

i believe in a word saying that the girl chooses her husband


you can easily make the guy you want propose you for marriage

you got your weapons and tactics and you should use them wisely


here in Egypt its not common that the girl propose the guy for marriage , unless she is very rich and tells him i like you and i want you (so mean)


but the wise girl can push the right guy to propose her :D

Mohamed - I like this line " but the wise girl can push the right guy to propose her :D " Nice ^^

Loves make you crazy but marriage needs you calm down to think through .

Bullwinkle - It's an old culture here in our country for girls to wait and man should do the first move.. Even in courting girls dont tell their feelings to man they should wait for men to say it first.. but it is not really like that now  in this modern days though some people thinks like that


there are not rules, who made up the rules to junk your mind? there are no rules, everything is temporary, even your life.

i think is  good  when  you  want  show  your love  !!!  ;)

Mason Wang - yes everything is tempoary so we should do what we want besides we live in a free world.

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