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Do You Think Chinese Is Becoming More And More Important?


Nowadays,many foreign friends of mine are learning Chinese.Do you think Chinese will become an international language like English?



i think it will~ China's development is very fast now. more and more foreigners want to learn Chinese, and want to know Chinese culture. I believe that the Chinese will become one of the international language in the future~

may be in future the chines becaome international language


Here, in Spain, nowadays everyone talks about the importance of Chinese in the world, now and in the future.

 In shortcut.

I do not think so that Chinese will be as international language as English.


English will be always easier to learn for most poeple in the world like  in America(North and South) ,Europe and Australia. Why ? Main reason is that most of langagues shares many similar patterns in grammar and words. In some countries where is many dialects people speak .. English as way to comunicate.
I believe English is and will be a global language.


But answer for question is Chinese will be more important language to learn ?
Yes,because China will be a most powerful country again (in next 50 years?).Specially , If China will still doing impressive progress as it does at the moment and if will sort out few things which need to be sorted.


 Most business these days has connection with Chinese economy,so chinese langugage is important to make a good business with China.


maybe Chinese could be an universal language but it is very complicated to learn it. In Chile many people are interested in to learn Chinese because China is fascinating for its history and culture.


I keep hearing about its importance more and more often nowadays. Chinese could definitely become one of world languages but it's that's quite difficult. Seeing as you have thousands of characters to learn just to read the newspaper, too many sounds that are similar and hard to tell apart for tone-deaf people, and there are people who just don't like the sound of it at all.


But with that said it definitely has made an influence on people more likely to learn it because of the benefits.  I took a Mandarin class in high school and found it quite refreshing but I felt like I didn't learn as much as I could. I may come back to in the future though. Seeing as I have friends who speak it. 


I do disagree with Dominik with English becoming a permanent world language though.  At some point it will become less popular and beneficial that it is now. Just give it time. Especially since being a monolingual English speaker is no longer impressive. 

My mother tongue is Chinese , while i need study Chinese to teach foreigners . It is so complex to write characters for most foreigners . On the contrary , it is relatively easy to speak and listen . One reason for challenging a new language I think is most foreign students do not spend so plenty of time in learning Chinese as most Chinese students .They do not learn Chinese so early as most Chinese students do either . Most Chinese students learn English during their childhood or earlier and English will be one critical band score to be qualified for admission to University or higher education . That is the main reason why some Chinese can use English so fluently as far as I observe. Nevertheless , rare western people can speak Chinese as fluent as some Chinese speak English  . I think Chinese take English learning as more seriously  than most western people .That dictators the efficiency of language learning .  The complexity of Chinese character is not so critical .


No, English will always be the world's # 1 language till the end of this world. The English language dominates in all areas. For example, business, entertainment, songs, and the list goes on and on. It also helps that English is the language spoken in the USA, which is the entertainment and media capital of the world. 

China is developing so quickly & its also very modern. 
Soon Chinese will become as popular as English I think.
I think its very important for many people to study Chinese langauge because of its growth in the world.  

No, it won't happen for two main reasons. One, Chinese is just too difficult and time-consuming for most people to reach a functional level (one of the beauties of English is that you can communicate quite easily even with just a limited grasp of the language, as most non-native English speakers around the world in fact do), and two, most people around the world, even those in Chinese-speaking areas, already learn English to a high-enough level which means learning a second lingua franca on top of that is both unnecessary and a waste of their limited time and resources.

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