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in or at??? so confusing for me....

Should I use "work in a hospital" or "work at a hospital"?

Can you explain for me?



Both seem fine to me. I can't see a difference. ' a hospital' is more common.


For all I know:

'work in a hospital' has got only one meaning. It means that you work inside the building.


When it comes to 'work at a hospital', it can have two meanings. First, it means exactly the same as 'work in a hospital'. Apart from this one, it may also mean that you work next to the hospital building, somewhere in the area surrounding the hospital building. For example: 'I work in the kiosk at the hospital building'.




Here are some ideas to share with you:


1. Many books say that either "in" or "at" is correct in your sentence.


2. Some books see a difference:


a. Some people (especially Americans?) feel this way:


i. "at" refers to a point on the map:  I work AT a hospital in New York; I work AT a hospital near the railroad station; etc.


ii. "in" refers to the actual place in which you work: I work in a hospital, not in a bank.

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