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Which operating system do you use? Windows, Mac or other.

If you use more than one, which one you likes over the other. Please don't forget telling about pros and cons you've experienced during your use. And if some recommendations. It'll be helpful.



i use windows some times when i feel in danger i use linux

linux is really safe no one can hack your pc

windows is very common and you can run every thing and all games but full of trojans and viruses

linux is very fast so if you used 1 GB of RAM with windows and used it again with linux

it will be faster on linux because its not taking much resources


linux is a power saver :D


Windows os is so stupid and ridiculous. I use it for games and Photoshop only.


Linux is my system. This one is fast os without any viruses and stupid things which windows do every day.


MacOs is a cool too, but I have macbook and It's so expensive for me.

And I can not used to mac keyboard hot keys

Well good opinions, thanks to both of you guys. But personally i feel windows is much more compatible with softwares rather than linux or mac. Mac is pretty good too. Fast, reliable and virus free. 

Yes, but they make all of the software for both Windows and Mac OS, no? I need to check out Linux, since I don't really run many games, software, etc. Do you think Microsoft has a monopoly on PC operating systems, and so they rest on their laurels. They often bring out new versions of Windows, but are these really improvements? There is no competition. I also just like to be different.


You know there is a free Browser you can download free that is for me better than Explorer and Safari. Mozilla Firefox. For some reason this and a few other websites don't alwasy load on MS and Apple's browsers. Are there any other small OS's besides Linux?

I guess maybe they improve the speed and things like that. But as to the ergonomics and design they just switch it around. (Windows)

Thanks Alex very prolific indeed. Very good illustration.

Mac just for iOS programming

Windows for many software I use every day 

Linux just for servers, Web server & database server

Mac, Windows & Linux in PC's, no pros no cons, just I use any one that fits my needs.


I use windows. Years ago, I used Linux but it is not compatible with some softwares.

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