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About the question.

Someone said to me,

The tendency of stock market on Japan Korean and USA.

So he said he would see USA first then see Korean and Japan.

But I think USA is later on UTC.

Perhaps it does not depend on time but American should work on morning and sleep at night.

Time still influence them.

So any explanations? or They have been in illusion for a long time?

And what make it alike?



As the amrican economy is the most powerful and influnential one in the world ,it give effects to the other countries' economy .So does the american stock market.

And as to the time,US is surely later than asian country ,but the people all over the world ,who do the stock work, use to take the US market index as a reference,to see it is up or down ,alought for asian  it was yeaterday's thing.There have this relationship indeed. 

Thank you qun101

Perhaps we can find something on being like the question of egg first or chicken first in it.

yeah.that kinds of.Are you ,or your firends buying stock?

It is a part of my job now but I doubt what I see so I am going to start to check theories and reality up.

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