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what is your reason to learn another language ?

every one has his own reaon to start learning a new language

work ,, study ,, moving to another country ,, just as a hoppy


feel free to say your reason



study& i like english too :)

I learn English because it's an international language. Many inhabitants of the world speak English :) so it's the language of communication. Here, good command of English is one of the requirements to get a good job, especially in international institutions and organizations. Besides, English is a very beautifu language and English speakers are lucky that they don't need to learn it.

holy words!!!!

I study languages because it defies the stereotype of us lazy Americans who don't study other languages.. :D

Everyone seems to think we are unwilling or unable to study other languages..and I kinda want to change that idea.... 


I am proud when I go somewhere and I speak their language and they ask where I'm from and I say America, because more often than not it surprises them.

im improving my English because its highly required as an engineer & study in English & work in English

but im learning french for a private reason ,, it makes me feel embarrassed :|


so I can wisper in my girlfriend's ear in her language.

hahaha thats nice Mason :)

To get new appointment


As-salamu aleykum akhi Mohammed. I started learning Arabic because I want to be able to travel to the Middle-East and be understood by locals. I also want to learn Qur'anic Arabic to read the Holy Book on my own and be able to recite it the right way. So they are both linguistic and religious reasons. Greetings from France (is that a French woman who is behind your decision of learning French ? ;))

English is my filed but i didnt practice it ,so i want to learn another languge to improve my english!

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