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what is your reason to learn another language ?

every one has his own reaon to start learning a new language

work ,, study ,, moving to another country ,, just as a hoppy


feel free to say your reason



study& i like english too :)

I learn English because it's an international language. Many inhabitants of the world speak English :) so it's the language of communication. Here, good command of English is one of the requirements to get a good job, especially in international institutions and organizations. Besides, English is a very beautifu language and English speakers are lucky that they don't need to learn it.


holy words!!!!

I study languages because it defies the stereotype of us lazy Americans who don't study other languages.. :D

Everyone seems to think we are unwilling or unable to study other languages..and I kinda want to change that idea.... 


I am proud when I go somewhere and I speak their language and they ask where I'm from and I say America, because more often than not it surprises them.

1- I love languages.

2- I love reading.

3- I have to improve my communication skills.

4- I enjoying having a greater picture of this world.

5- To talk to people from other countries. {I´m shy and introvert, but I like exchanging emails about daily life (music, studies, passtimes and so on), this is not a typical Brazilian habit so I need talking to foreigns}.

6- Because of job.

What about you Mohamed?

im improving my English because its highly required as an engineer & study in English & work in English

but im learning french for a private reason ,, it makes me feel embarrassed :|


so I can wisper in my girlfriend's ear in her language.

hahaha thats nice Mason :)

To get new appointment

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