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What gift should I give my korean friend?

Well she just sent a gift /present which contains: 4 ramyeons, ribbons, face mask and a letter. I want to thank her by sending her something too and ofcourse this includes a letter. So What else should i add? i asked her what does she want she said my favourites . Any ideas?



They usually like to know each other's culture, language, and environment. Everyone in the world would like to share their culture, right? I think she'd be very grateful if you send her a tiny part of your culture, like a souvenir from your region :)


Hope this helps! :)

You could give her some things that are only found in America maybe? Some American snacks she might not find in Korea though I don't know. It's a girl right? Plushie items, cute little keychains or knick nacks are good little gifts. A Bracelet, a hair pin are also nice little gifts.  :o 

Candies, pop music, stationary, stickers, a postcard of where you live

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