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Kpop- Am I The Only One?

Is it me, or is kpop totally awesome? I know people have different opinions so I would like to know your view on kpop. 



Korean Pop was not bad when i was 14, but when i turned to 15 ..16 xD things just changed xD 

I like Kpop too~! In contrast to western music I do like the fact that they are boy/girl groups that typically seem to care about each other, you know? 


I started liking it about 3 years ago found myself finding the older peeps like TVXQ, Rain, and Lee Hyori. Slowly I got into peeps like MBLAQ, SHINee, Big Bang, 2NE1, Spica, and 2PM to name a few. I'm really particular about music so any new groups HAVE to impress me when they come out. I'm not into the whole happy poppy feel that a lot of groups have with the exception of SHINee. There is something about SHINee that I do not understand but I like it. @w@. 


Anywho :o it would be fun to talk to you about kpop! I need a kpop buddy!!! 

No you're not the only one! Me too ㅋㅋㅋ

I think kpop have some interesting point and have power to keep its existance. Since I am foreigner. But I met a good friend and asked him wheter if they like kpop too or not. And he said that Korean would lost their interest after they finished school and start working. Hahaha I don't know either, but it doesn't matter as long as my favorite stars keep hard working. Hehehe

Sorry for responding late, but thanks to everyone and their comments. I just wanted to see everyone's opinions. ^_^

You're definetly not the only one, I for one out of many love kpop. It's taken over my life (for the better) lol. Because of me getting interested in kpop I started watching Korean dramas and started learning Korean. It also got me to continue listening to Japanese music and watching their dramas also. It's not just kpop I like btw, I also love Korean fashion.

Me and mostly all my close friends love kpop hehe <3

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