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Learning languages by listening songs. Is it possible?

I'm curious to know how it was with everybody.

From my own experience listening songs in English and Japanese helps me alot in practicing words that I've already learnt and finding  new words that I'd like to know.

Was it helpful for you? ^^



Well,sometimes its really very helpful ;P Once in my English exam ,one of the question is "____(in/on) the middle of the road..."I didnt know the answer at first,but later i thought of the song named "Down to earth" by Justin Bieber (Though i dont like him very much ;P) ,then i began to sing it (everyone looked at me,so weird!!) .."we met in the middle on our way back down to earth.." Yeah,thats it! lol. And i think learning languages by listening to songs is much more useful than watching movies.Cause when you watch a movie,you just pay all attention to whats going on in the movie! (Trust me,i have a lot of experiences like that = =)

Reading and making practise are better instruments because if you don't know the english vocabulary, you will not are able to understand who or what their are saying!!!!!

It's exactly the same for me! I am always...ALWAYS listening to English and Japanese songs to brush up on my pronunciations (mostly Japanese ^_^)! Also, I try to sing my favorite (Japanese and English) songs on my guitar which helps me learn to be able to pronounce the words fast and fluently. However, I think that it is possible for an absolute learner to be able to learn a new language through listening to songs and looking at the lyrics in another language which he/she understands! It might be pretty hard at first though...

only listening songs isnt possible you should speaking and writing



I think that music is a great learning tool, if you learn and understand the lyrics. Just listening passively won`t help much, but learning the song well enough to sing along is a great help!


Yeah especially if you enjoy listening to the music. You can learn all sorts of things just from lyrics themselves. They can even be the reason to keep you motivated with the language(s) you're learning.

I like listening to music as well。Of course it's a good way to learn~

I can say it is part of practising . And watching their respective language movies will give you a good understanding of culture they have . But ultimately talking with a person is only criteria to learn a language whether you doing misteks or not forget about that. Choose a person and start talk with them.

personally, yeah i think it is, Im a music lover and often listen to american music since i was a child, it helped me lot with vocabulary and idioms. so it works for me.

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