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your dreams

what are your dreams ?



Go to heaven, ha ha ha, but not now. Just kidding. May be, Becoming Myself

Have a beautiful life, be happy, and find love :)

making my country better , and running a big facotry for electonics which provide many jobs for youth and stopping all poor people in my country from suffering .

my dreams is to become a doctor

Live to die

I want to become a doctor and find the cure of cancer :) by any chance, I want to stop global warming too..

my dream is the knowledge

lol,interesting question :D honestly,i want to be a singer,its really cool,isn't it? And..yeah,traveling around the world :D Now I am working hard for it ;P

Hopefully I could own my own island, a personal race track and a huge garage so I can have all my collections parking in there. And I would like to donate half of my wealth to setablish a foundation to help the one really need, no matter for  living, studying or people who can not afford the payment of the medical treatment. Besides, I want to make a donation for Melbourne Rhema Family Church because I really enjoied my time in there.

win universty

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