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What are your favourite Spanish songs?


Any style, really... I want to start learning through music, but I don't really know which songs to start with.


Thanks for sharing your favourites!



I like basically any song by Alex Ubago, especially the lyrics. You should youtube him and check a couple of music videos. :)

Of course there are millions of song to learn. Amaral is not my favourite band (I prefer metal band) but in my opinion is perfect to learn spanish because the voice of singer is clear, the sound is great and they almost don't use slang.

Hola amiga!


Good luck w/ your Spanish! Singing and music are two great ways to enjoy this language.


Pandora is great for this because you can add variety after starting with 1 artist. also has Spanish language music in quantity.


For 'heavy' songs with great new vocabulary: Ricardo Arjona, Silvio Rodriguez, Ruben Blades


For fun lyrics easy to sing along: Julieta Venegas, Belanova, La Oreja de VanGogh


For a challenge (due to speed and amount of words!): Shakira (old stuff, in Spanish!!!), La 5ta Estacion, Calle 13.


For easy sing along (traditional children's songs) and fun songs: Jose Luis Orozco


Espero que te sirva!




The first two songs you mentioned are really really great!!! This is the first time I think I ever heard Spanish songs and they were awesome! The closest song I heard related to Europe region are Italian and Portuguese...

¡Muchas gracias! Hasta pronto!


Muchas gracias a todos! I have a list of 12 songs now - that should be good for at least a month. I'm excited to be branching out into native Spanish material, instead of sticking to instructional material.

La isla bonita

I like Spanish ballads becuase it is easier to try and understand the words.  Tish Hinojosa, Julieta Venegas are two artistas that I enjoy.

I wrote a notebook entry with more spanish songs when you can listen to different styles.

Espero que te guste!

“斗牛士之歌” is my favourate~

I am learning Spanish too...Nice to meet you!

I have listened not very many songs because I am a bit choosy...

But I think I like A Todo Color and Porque Te Vas best.

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