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Hi i want to learn Chinese who welling to help me ?

Hi friend's from now im interested to learn chinese and i hope some one will help me to learn.



i am a chinese

thank u somuch.u teach me chinese if need to pay u then i will

 if u want to learn English or French then will teach u

Hey so few replies????  Where are all the chinese??? Over one billion !!!! Where are you ? Help him! :)))Good luck Robert..

ha ha ha thanks ann im sad because u didn't know chinese.i think no body will help me

I teach Mandarin,You can teach me Frech

ok done.thank u somuch


I'm a Chinese ,and I can speak English a little,wo can teach each other through English ,my skype:lidabsky

娃哈哈~~我的汉语说的特别好 当然我很乐意我们之间互补。 你教我英语 我教你汉语。 怎么样?(Wahaha ~ ~ I can speak Chinese very well of course I'm glad we complement each other. You teach me English and I teach you chinese. How 's it going?)

ok u add my skype robeart2

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