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What are your language goals for this week?



1- Understand how the German cases work.

2- Write 50 sentences using "nominative".

3- Watch a 'German Movie'.

4- Write at least 6 notebook entries.

5- Learn to sing 'für immer'.

Best of luck, Michael.

Meet with my Skype partner at least 3 times.  Summarize the story I read in Spanish.

Begin a new telenovela.

Review my vocabulary in Anki everyday...all 7 days without missing a day!

Watch at least a half an hour of news in Spanish ... all 7 days without missing day.

Decide on a new reading.




Do more reading while listening to audiobooks and podcasts in Japanese.

Finish watching the remaining episodes of Japanese dramas I was following.

Do more writing in Japanese (blogs, on various forums, YouTube comments, etc).

Start doing spaced repetitions.

Finish reading a comic in Japanese.

Do more listening and reading to German audiobooks and podcasts.

Do more writing in German (blogs, forums, YouTube comments, etc)

Read one of the German books I own. 

Finish reading Män som hatar kvinnor.

Watch find more German TV shows to follow as well as music with lyrics.


What I want to get to eventually (sooner rather than later):

Schedule conversations with tutors to improve my speaking capabilities in my new languages on Skype.

Learn how to pronoune the French R properly, lol

Many interesting ideas coming up...

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