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Love makes us stupid.

What do you think about this statement?



That's the love's power.


that for of stupidity is welcomed and is  temporary insanity

No, I think most people were born that way already.

Love is such an exhilarating feeling. It makes us feel so good about ourselves that it allows us to view life on a grander, more happier scale. All of the benefits of love, however, do come with a price. Stupidity is one of them. Love compels us do irrational things{i.e making a wife save her husband from a shark when she's already out of the water and doesn't stand a chance}. It is up to us to decide whether or not experiencing the joys of being in love is worth all of its drawbacks as well.



Being in love can make you do stupid things but it doesn't make you dumb in itself. True stupidity is something one can do on their own without love being the key factor. 

Love makes us feel pleasure, sad, hurt, and more. I think love makes us increasingly adult and more wise. But, of course its depend to how we respond everything come from love.

That is part of truth . but rather love can bring us lots of things . where there is love , there is hope . where there is hope , there is future. Love makes you loss of prudence instead of full stupid . 

I have done many stupid things for love。When I think back,I feel I was like a fool。

Well if you only use you heart when it comes to love no doubt it will make you happy but stupid at the same time. For heart is the most deceitful thing in this world and its beyond cure. If we also use only  our brain we will not be stupid but we will not enjoy the joy of love to the fullest. To sum up everything in love we should use both our heart and mind so that we will not be very emotional and be very logical. A friend of mine said balance is the key of life.

yes,i'm stupid now .but nothing is useful , he is leave .

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