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What's the newest movie on the screen in your country?



First of all, the question would be "What is the newest movie in theatres in your country?" or "What movies came out recently in theatres in your country". "On screen" is not a good option. In the UK you'd most likeely say "cinema" rather than "theater" or "theatre" though. And the answer is Pacific Rim (or "Titanes del pacifico" as they're calling it over here)

Man of steel after earth...


Pacific Rim in Malaysia too! I saw it, it is just ok to me. Not the best but very entertaining.

pacific rim and  despicable me 2 on its 2nd week,  :)


Now you see me and Pacific Rim 

Thank you all for your answers. I like ' despicable me', but Chinese cinemas havn't this movie yet. And I've a question now. What should I say when I want to express the word ' premiere'?  By the way, I also expect the movie 'Pacific Rim', but it will in the theatre next month in China.( Did this sentence right?') Thank you for sharing

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