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I know italki is by some web,I think it a good place where I can talk with foreigner friends and make friends is just like twitter that I can see  the view of where you are,what are you doing,what is your mood and so on by your photoes and writtent language.but maybe it can't.What are you thinking about this?



Well for me twitter and facebook are more on personal account. We used it to know what is happening around us specially to those our friends who we live in the same place.  However for italki I see it as a website to learn new language, new culture, new countries..

You might consider the website as a language center where it provide you wonderful opportunity to practice your writing . You may view some standpoints here from all over the world . Honestly to say , it is hardly to find your Mr.right here for some people who want to fall in love with aliens  .

italki very different from facebook and twitter. Italki is a site to learn a new language and a new culture. Now this has italki premium members where members are listed as a member is a member that serious to learn a new language and a new culture. Also for the owners of the members would be free wrote the book notes, discussions, questions, these will all be exposed. For members who do not use premium member these services are limited in use italki facility.
But you can find a partner to learn free.

haha``Everything  is possible!So you are the man who want to fall in love with aliens?

Hi Nicole, I think it would sound better if you write it in this way;


I know italki is generated by some web, and I think is it a good place where I can talk to foreigner friends and making friends all that. It is just like Twitter or somewhere, where I can see the details of people like what are they doing, their mood, photos and their spoken and written language. But maybe it can't. So what do you say ?


Good luck.

It was a pity having discovered it too much later!!!!

Well, I guess, Italki is nothing alike to Facebook or Twitter... The only point is people can talk to each other, but on the other points this social network is absolutely different. It doesn't mean you can't find a friend here - some people from here meet each other in their 'offline' life. But I think here we are a bit depersonalized - we meet each other considering not our interests and habts, but languages we learn and speak

Hi,Mr Hahn,thank you very much for your suggestion.I think you are right,it is better than mine. 

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