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What food is your favorite?

I like to cook,Especially Chinese food,Ha ha ha maybe because I am a Chinese girl!If I have the chance to learn from other countries food, as for I will be very happy!



what is your favourite food ? (better form)

i like chicken :D

i love turkish food. baklava mantı çiğ köfte...

hi i'm Taiwan girl. I ilke " 臭豆腐 " hahaha :)

I have many favorites food: rice, chicken, meat, eggs. I also like chilean food like pastel de choclo (corn pie), humitas, paila marina and empanadas.


pastel de choclo:



paila marina:

I like rice and fruits, but I also like tortilla of Spain and others.

I'd like to try food of other countries.

haha,On the tip of the tongue of the China

Fried chicken! Potato salad and apple pie. I'm from Kansas in the USA. My husband's favorite food is lasagna.


Here in Korea my favorite foods are kimbap and kimchi jiggae.


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