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What do you like to know about Italy?



Hi Deborah! Firs of all, I want to know that are all italian girls as much beautiful as you are?! :D ;)

Joking apart, I want to know about your people, what you like about them, what you consider their weakness and so on. One of my friends has wrote a text about English people in the link below which I really enjoyed reading it. I would really appreciate if you could write something like that. 

米兰的时装 Roman 文艺复兴 佛罗伦萨 意大利拉面 and so on~

I'd like to have authentic pizza and pasta recipes!:)

You eat pizza and spaghetti, Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced, italian women are pretty (you too), the Roman Empire was one of the largest.


Does Italy have different dialects?

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