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Where do you like to go?

Do you have a dream travel? Where do you like to go? Why? 



i want to travel any place but with girl like you

my dream is go to germany it is very great country


Antarctic or the Arctic, I like the cold and want to see the aurora.

Yes,I do.I want to travel to Europe for I think it is a romantic and beautiful place。

My dreams Going to europe especially spain


Yes, I have such dream! To my mind the best way to know the culture of different nations is to travel, because when we travel we can see and learn a lot of things that we can never see or learn at home.If I have a chance to travel I will go to Venice, France, the UK, Italy, the USA, Australia and South Korea.I hope my dream will come true!^_^

i"m crazy about travel.i travel to 12country and a lot of city but i have travel dream and i wish one day i see new york city.i have new york city fever

answer to your question and tell why

I love travel, I'd like to see all the world, I don't have a favourite country. I want to discover, try, kwon new cultures.

   I wnat to England,because England's tower is very old and fuii of mystical.And  beautiful.It's my dream to go place.

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