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Shocking Message

A mother entering her daughter’s room and saw a letter on her bed. With anxious she read that letter, her hand is trembling while she hold on the letter.

“Hi mom, with regret and beg for your forgiveness I must say that I ran with my new boyfriend. I’m very Loveeee him and he’s very cool too with tattoo that his got all over his body and also with his piercing at everywhere. Guess what, He has a huge very cool bike, mom.

Not just that mom, Now I’m pregnant and James said that we will be happy lived in his hut in the jungle. He wants a lot of kids and that also my dream. Oh by the way, marijuana is not dangerous like you said and we plans to cultivate it for us and also for our friends. We barter it with ecstasy and cocaine.

Meanwhile, we also pray that hopefully the scientist will finally found the cure for AIDS so that James could get well soon. Don’t be afraid mom, Now I’m already 15 years old, and already know how to take care of myself. Maybe later I will visit home so that mom could see my child.”

With Love,
Your daughter




















Mom, it’s just a lie ^^. Now I’m at the neighbor’s house. I just want to let you know that still many worse things than just a bad grade. The paper is on my desk.





You didn't ask for corrections- so I don't dare!


I liked the P.S. the best. I like happy endings! Parents DO need to know that there are worse things than bad grades!


As a children, we also need to realize there are a lot worse things than getting scolded or grounded. Good parents are not guaranteed.

Agree with MCS. PS is the best part of this letter.

It's hard to be parent and harder to make friends with your beloved kids.

That must be the most thrilling, transixing message that parents ever got without the last PS.


hahahaha.  its a good strategy to tell bad things. must try!

the same name with me jane

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