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how do you think the world will end?

No one knows what will happen in the future so lets use our creativity and imagination. How do you think the world will end? Is it through nature disaster, war, alien invasion, zombie plague, famine,   or the earth will just suddenly explode?  what are u going to do in that time? 



The world will end with cats apocalypse. The cats will multiply x100 a day, they will surpass humanity and they will conquer the world. Like your profile picture it is indication that you are already manupilated by Cat.


That hows my imagination works out!

@Juan Jose - hahahahaha are you nuts? and what cats can do to end the world? eat human?

I think people would perish if a large meteor flying and hitting the earth from out space ,just like raid  at the age of Dinosaurs , inevitably we would witness the end of world . In my deduction , within  one decade  , people on earth can find the solution to avert threatening meteors effectively , however, if a large meteor hit earth in the future before long  , I don't think we are competent to evade the strike of meteor .  That is absolutely a tragedy .


when the sun dies billions of years from now

I'm laughing out loud with the Juan Jose's answer xD


the world wiill end with a big catastrophe (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions) or with a large meteorite, like the dinosaurs.

Allen & Alberto - Yeah a large meteorite would be very possible and it is hard to prevent it specially if it very big.


Mason Wang - Is their possibilities that sun will die?

maybe we can live in the space when the word end...

Luer - and where in space? I heard in the news that researcher plan to choose Mars as a secondary home.. They are planning to send some volunteers to live there. Perhaps we could live there if it works.

The earth will definitely die but when i dont know.

and we will pray to our ALLAH in that time.

The day when Humanity is going to die the world is going to end.

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