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Do you believe in fate, coincidence or destiny?




Life is so crazy that I must agree that unlogical things can happen.

I like to think that our lifes were written before we were born, but we're meant to change that...

Sometimes it sounds very obvious to me. It seems that everything goes right and happens exactly when it should happen to make my life better. When it happens, I think things are "destinated".

I am not sure about destiny, but I believe in lucky break.

I believe in facts and its consequences,.. these can be repeated then becomes coincidences.


maybe,but I prefer to believe that I can master my own destiny~

I did not believe destiny or fate during my adolescence . I believed that people can change their fortune at large.  I recalled my grandmother ever told me :" every one has his destiny which determines his achievement" . I cannot identify what she said at that time . However, till now , I begin to believe in some untold and intangible rules in nature  which could drives you to move on . I also believe people  have to fight for their life indeed , but from time to time , you cannot deny something could be achieved by  mysterious power hidden in nature. That is your fate that you cannot hold it all . If you have the courage to overcome hurdle , do not linger just go ahead right now.

Nice thoughts.

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