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Do you believe in afterlife?



Well, since I didn´t die, I cannot discard this possibility.

So, maybe there is an afterlife.

I just can imagine how it is, but it is beyond my words.

The possibility exists, so, I don't think this can be propperly answered...

yes I belive 

yes .It is exists.......


Why not ? We never see the real afterlife  . You cannot definitely make sure that the afterlife world is not existent . In Chinese community as I know , the afterlife was depicted either a creepy hell or joyful heaven . That implies you have to do more things good rather than bad things . I do not trust such conceptulization . That is obvious too simple to scale people's behaviours in their life time . A good person could do little bad things , however, even a evilous guy could do something good . Religionists like to add colorful imagination on the afterlife  but the fact is there is no living human beings had ever seen the afterlife. 

I do believe it!!!!!!!!!

yes I belive ,,,

offcourse there is...

Yes, I do! I believe we existed before this life, and I believe we will exist after this life. The essence of who we are...who we choose to be in this life will continue with us after this life.

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