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What are your greatest difficulty with learning languages?



It has being difficult to find friends to talk because of local time. (Time zone)

Getting out of my comfort zone to just talk to people, not be scared of sounding foolish.


Finding time to learn languages.I have to work as well...

My greatest difficulty is remembering, retaining and maintaining what I learned.



Being able to find native speakers to speak with when not travelling and trying to schedule time to actually practice my speaking skills on Skype. I definitely need a lot more of speaking practice, especially with Japanese.



I think the greatest difficulty in any language is the only "vocablory".

becasue the sequence of the sentences in all languages is almost same the differ is "what is the name of that specific thing in specific language".

No favourable environment to practice is the most prominent problem for most beginners . It is so harsh reality in front of you that you cannot find a reliable native speaker to learn either . Language school could be the preferred option for most learners .


Oh, actually for me it's the fact that I tend to forget new words extremely quickly!

The thing is that I'm really good in my native language (I'm kind of a lawyer and have to talk a lot and to do so really impressively, using really long compound sentences, etc) and I get really disappoined, not - gutted with the way I sometimes 'perform' in English! I know it's the gospel truth that without practising there ain't be any results, but you know... when you want to speak like Stephen Fry but you from time to time you express yourself live a chav it's not that much encouraging at all. 

So. for me the main thing is to have patience and don't think of myself that I'm an utterly hopeless linguistic case, to overcome the fact that learning a language literally takes time. 


For me, it's sedentary time in front of the computer. I wish that I could get out and practice my language face-to-face, but I live in a very rural area. I'm very grateful for Skype exchanges, and have made some good friends, but with reading, writing and speaking all taking place at my desk...I'm starting to feel like I'm always sitting.


I sent this message to Daria, but I may as well post it here for anyone else who struggles with vocabulary: I use a free app called anki - it's a flashcard app that uses spaced repetition, so that the words you flag as difficult come back more often than the words you flag as easy. I use it for 10-15 mins each morning, and it's amazing how much vocabulary I'm starting to retain!

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