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HOW to be able?

How to be able to remember the english vocabulary very much





The best way to retain/maintain is practice.


Use vocab frequently and see it, read it, write it and say it various times.

I answered another question like this and gave more/better ideas...perhaps you can view that list?


Best of luck!

Found my list! Hope it helps Mary!


I would suggests the following ideas:

- label items you use around the house and learn names ( the door, the wall,etc)

- keep a personal dictionary where you record new words

- learn songs for new vocab, reading

-make study cards that you may carry w/you and view repeatedly

- select 3-5 words a week to learn and use with previously learned words

-Ask for help from someone as you say words/meanings

- (if you can access!) has a large number of topics for vocab study.

Make sentences as many as possible until you can really realize what woeds mean . Do not try to remember too many word , instead , make sentences to make sure you have already comprehend this word .

MCS, stephensps2010 and Allen : thanks I will doing that. Jesus Bless U. :)

I think that it's not about remembering, it's about understanding it and using it, if you practice your conversation or watch movies in English with English subs, you will learn a lot of vocabulary :) trust me.

That is right , only if you can speak it out as a complete sentence with words , you really hold the word . However, practice makes it perfect . Don't neglect keeping practice all the time and your enlgish will be better day by day .

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