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1,000 most common spoken words in Spanish

I was told that if you know the 1,000 most common spoken words in any language you will know about 80% of daily conversation. Does anybody know where I can find an audiobook from itunes or youtube that has the 1,000 most common words? I learn best through audio.




I disagree with that idea because even if you know all the words in a language and you don´t know how to use that words you can´t speak a language at all. I think it is a better idea to learn phrases, and it is better if that phrases come from daily conversations not from text books. You need to learn what phrases are used in a specific context. I will recommend you instead of "1000 most common spoken words in spanish" a phrase book for travelers, not only you will learn a lot of words, but also you know how to use that words and in which contexts they are correct. I recommend you to go slow and repeat them many times until they are deep in your brain and you can use they naturally in a conversation.


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