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What do you often do in summer holidays?

Do you feel bored in summer holidays?Do you feel bored with nothing to do?How would you like to kill time?Do you feel you are a ”宅男“ or “宅女”?



Hey, I feel very very busy. Every day is a day of work, I am a student. So I think time chasing me.

You are hard-working!!I only do some reading or somethig really don't important in my holiday~

we travel to the holy cities! these days i m really busy    cooking,clean the house ,tobe kind mom and wife and..............

I need alot of enrgy and time !!!!!!!

Hi! i would like to have more holidays if my friends had too. In my summer holidays would like to travel, and go to concerts and festivals... but now i am doing my mater thesis, so i have to study and i can't go to home :(

You are really busy,tania.If only I can give my energy and time to U cause I am a little idle these days,haha o(∩_∩)o 。。。

Hi,Laura!Your holiday is so wonderful~!I have some acquaintances who are busy with their school work and they don't come back this summer too。You must be missing your friends very much now,don't you?o(∩_∩)o

i find a job as a tour i can work and's good to know new things gradually.i think it's also good to stay at home doing some reading and something you like .

i'm zhainv,i can do job at sommer holiday,sometimes i feel boring

to GGM ,欢迎你到中国来玩!希望你旅途愉快!

to silence,your plan is great!I'd like to stay home and read many books,haha。I‘m lazy ~~~

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