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What are your thoughts on cross-border romance ?

What are your thoughts on cross-border romance?



Common and normal.

anykind of love is good love

Sounds ok to me. 

At the risk of being a jaded and negative advisor to 'young love'....I would be VERY careful with getting involved in a long-distance romance.


It is very difficult and potentially unfulfilling for a variety of reasons.


Either way, best of luck.

I think it is something very difficult, but every case is different. Maybe you both have many traits in common or maybe not, Maybe you both live near to one another. Maybe your religion or beliefs are similar. I think that this kind of relationship is difficult because some traits need to be the same or similar. For example,your religion or beliefs should be the same,  your points of views should be similar. You need to share some things in common as a bridge which will reinforce your relationship. I don´t know what are your perspectives about a romance. Perhaps I am too serious about it. Either way I wish you success in your relationship but think about it even a little bit.

Thank guys give me reply. Since some time ago Taiwan news report "CCR" (Cross Cultural Romance) so let me want understand this topic.

no love is easy; why complain about it, it's worth having no matter how complicated it is.



    It is not unusual for me to feel that I really like a student that I have spoken  to for several months to a year, but is just a general friendship.


 One of the strange experiences that I have had,  which really did surprise me, was that I  have, on about 2 occasions, felt an  almost immediate  passion for  at least 2 students that was not   merely a typical friendship. It was like,  I really felt that I "loved" this person.


   However, I do not confuse this with any kind of a need to do anything radical about it or to over emphasize it in any way.  The  two persons that this has happened with are still both my students,

I still continue to give English lessons to them.  One  does not know  about my strong feeling and I have not practised with them for very long; so I am not going tell them anything about it, because after all, they are just talking with me to practice English and engage in  cultural exchange. The other one, that I have practiced with for about 6 months,   has been told. Surprisingly, the response was that they "loved" me too!  


 But it doesn't mean anything changes. We still do nothing but practice English together. There's just a nice warm fuzzy  glow to the conversation.  I think love is a rather normative and common thing.

It is a beautiful feeling, but those feelings do not require that I try  to meet up with someone in person.

It is just something nice that happens and its okay.



You are right. My friend is befall this trouble, I do not have any way to help him.

Bruce - What a nice story I must say. hehe

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