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Which accent do you prefer to learn?

English is considered to be the language with the most countries of speaking in the world.


Of course, English has many kind of accents.


Which accent do you prefer to learn as English learner?



British hehe well Its sounds very formal and pretty cool.


american english first

then british

then all the other american dialects

then south african

then australia

For me it is easier to understand the American accent, I get used to that accent and I would like to speak like an American. However if I ever could speak like a British or like an Australian or like any other native english speaker I would be more than happy. I don´t like my spanglish accent despite many say that it is sexy. I have many pronunciation mistakes and my intonation is not good. I would like that people think that I am a native english speaker. I am not saying that I am ashamed of being a native spanish speaker because I love my culture. I am saying that when I speak english I would like to sound like a native or almost native, and when I speak spanish the same and when I speak other languages I would like to sound like a native.  


I forgot a Russian speaking English accent is cool

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