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Could you tell me the reason to wake up in the morning and smile ,when everything surround seems to be empty , blank and dull,,,,,When there is no interest , and beautiful for you , and you feel indifference to everything,,,:((



There is no reason to wake up - it hapens in itself.

Try not to wake up in the morning and you will know the truth :)

Once I wake up in the morning there !always is (waiting fo my attention) one very interesting thing - Me :)

Спасибо Игорь

are you married? do you have child?

Ihave a lovely daughter iwake up inthe morning with her beautiful voice that she says momy stand up!!!!

when i see her i think i m in the hevean!

Look carefully arround yourself your mom, your dad..........are the best things in your life ,dont forget your blessing.

there is a God that love you ,and every day that you stand up, it means the God say hello to you!

you  see  you have many things around .

so, dont think your life is empity!

Ann smile and think of nothing!!!!!!!


your welcom

have nice time!

good question, I don't know the answer, maybe all those thing are implying that  a change is required! what kind of changes?!, I don't know! sometimes I say to myself billions of people have lived in this earth so far, they most found how to live then may i find my way too! I am not sure if these thoughts put a smile on my face or not though! by the way I am going to sleep right now,it's 9 A.M here i haven't slept since yesterday! I will be awke at afternoon! :D

Juan your words are really wise ,and you are right ,,we have to live , love and be glad who we are ,,,and there are many people living in worse situations...Thanks fpr your optimism !!!!!!!!Best regards!!

Thank you Laurent (my old friend ;)  ), thanks for encouraging,,and thanks for this detailed comment ,and as always you are right,,,,It s difficult in Armenia to find the way for women , but i will do my best ..I wish you good luck too..

For me sometimes the best way out of a funk (bout of melancholy) is to do something for someone else. Usually it is something simple: Opening a door for someone, helping someone carry something inside, smiling at the cashier at a store, etc.


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