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Could you tell me the reason to wake up in the morning and smile ,when everything surround seems to be empty , blank and dull,,,,,When there is no interest , and beautiful for you , and you feel indifference to everything,,,:((



There is no reason to wake up - it hapens in itself.

Try not to wake up in the morning and you will know the truth :)

Once I wake up in the morning there !always is (waiting fo my attention) one very interesting thing - Me :)

Спасибо Игорь

are you married? do you have child?

Ihave a lovely daughter iwake up inthe morning with her beautiful voice that she says momy stand up!!!!

when i see her i think i m in the hevean!

Look carefully arround yourself your mom, your dad..........are the best things in your life ,dont forget your blessing.

there is a God that love you ,and every day that you stand up, it means the God say hello to you!

you  see  you have many things around .

so, dont think your life is empity!

Ann smile and think of nothing!!!!!!!


your welcom

have nice time!

Just think in those people who doesn't have got arms and legs because they have got an issue on their lives. We are can do almost everything, we can run, we can write to show our feelings, we can sing or dance, we can do exercise to lift our mood! Well, just think we can love, we can feel, we can taste! Life is beauty it doesn't matter if you hasn't found your special love we can be happy alone! We can see the sunrise or even the stars in the night and question yourself about life in another worlds in another galaxy! We are humans and sometimes we gave up too fast but we have to be brave to be happy with things that we have got! Who knows, maybe one day we will never wake up and then you are going to complain about everything you haven't done! So live! Love! And make your goals and dreams true because life is short and we just have got one life! My thoughts! 

Regards! Don't feel sad life is beauty like a song says "we are young"!!! :D  

good question, I don't know the answer, maybe all those thing are implying that  a change is required! what kind of changes?!, I don't know! sometimes I say to myself billions of people have lived in this earth so far, they most found how to live then may i find my way too! I am not sure if these thoughts put a smile on my face or not though! by the way I am going to sleep right now,it's 9 A.M here i haven't slept since yesterday! I will be awke at afternoon! :D

Juan your words are really wise ,and you are right ,,we have to live , love and be glad who we are ,,,and there are many people living in worse situations...Thanks fpr your optimism !!!!!!!!Best regards!!

Dear Ann, I felt that way for years, I called it the "Western wound" : in France and other developed countries, a vast majority of people have nice houses, food in the fridge, water to drink, a wide array of possible distractions etc. Yet, a good number of people feel empty. We have no guidelines, except "be stronger than your neighbour, earn money, money, money and buy, buy, buy" -> this is silly. The problem in rich countries is that materialism eventually brings competition and thus anxiety, fear and depression.  This shows that material richness is not the key to happiness, which does not mean that I advocate poverty either of course. 

Happiness is a complex recipe. For some of us, it might come from their relationship (love or friendship) to others, from political and social struggles they choose to fight, from music, books or artistic works to delve in, from landscapes they choose to see and discover (a French writer, called Marie Darrieussecq , said "I know of landscapes that can justify of the life we live), from children they have...

Personally, I owe happiness to my religion, it brought peace and balance to a former hopeless life. Philosophy and religion are keys to a subtle inner peace, in my opinion.

In Armenia, the situation is different from France so I hope you find your way, dear Ann. 

Take care.

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