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What do you think of online chatting as a way of learning English?

Actually, the whole idea of practicing through online-chatting struck me after a friend of mine passed her IELTS with 8.0 band and the maximum effort she's done was texting with her foreign-born boyfriend. She thinks that this exact practice helped her a lot because she had more time (in comparison with usual speaking) to build proper sentences > eventually she got really accurate in English and learned quite quickly how to chose the most appropriate words and so on. 

I mean... Speaking is really cool, but when you're facing a new/serious topic to discuss... sometimes I wish I had an in-built online-dictionary in my brain to chose the right words! After such conversations I feel really badly (oh, I've made such a fool of myself) because it's highly unlikely that the person you usually communicate with will want to discuss that particular topic (where you've just failed to express yourself) another time, as it's obviously boring... But when you have had the practice of writing that, it'll seem to be much more simpler to talk that through that with 'a real' person, saying what you really think, not only what you are _able_ to say... 

So,  this is my idea :) Is there anyone who would like to chat regularly about serious and controversial topics (media, politics, justice, health systems, education, society, global terrorism, you name it) and of course day-to-day lives? Personally, I would love to! 




Sure, I would. Though i have not even thought that only learning eng only by texting will help. If it works, then definitely i would love to go for that.

ı totally agree with you darıa:)ı totally want to know englısh ın every aspect ın every subject.whıle speakıng ı cant remember even the words ı know:)ı wanna have a braın dıctıonarry:)whıle speakıng swıtch on:)we can talk ıf you want:)

I am totally agree with you, to learn any language practice is required. Practice make the man perfect. So if you want to talk with me on regularly basis on topic, world economic, business conditions, business ideas sharing, politic and world coming challenges i am available.

Any one here on Italki who want to talk on this talk you are highly appreciated to add me my skype name is sufyan.minhas1


global terrorism? How many you know about global terrorism? This one does not exist actually. Somebody wants you belive 


I would like speak with people by skype. My voice english needs practice


My skype is mli_max. I'' be glad new friends

I guess the friend you mentioned should be a Chinese girl. No offense, but this idea is shared by a lot of Chinese. I have never done this but according to my friends, it is really a good way. At least it does help a lot in oral English.
But online chatting is definitely not a perfect way to talk about serious things, ie. social issues. So I prefer to write letters if I got sth serious to discuss. Just what you have called it - chatting. You could not expect a speech in chatting-manner. :)


i'm agree with you.

it's the best way to practice any language in the world cause speaking is the major way to learn any language.

yeah..i totally agree that chatting online willl help you improve  your english skills specially if youre gonna practice it with a native english speaker.

Daria - you are talking about "serious, intelligent conversation" - but really, this is not so easily accomplished even by those whose native language is English! So give yourself lots of credit!

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