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Vocabulary practice by reading

Hello all, I'v spent the last couple of weeks only practising vocabulary by reading and translating texts back and fourth (arabic-english, english-arabic), mostly from arabic news papers and I find this method very effective and extremely enjoyng. I found a great web site where they have arabic articles and their english translations that you can check out if you want:

English -

Arabic -


Personally, i have gone really tired of just learning vocab with flashcards etc. so this approach has really got me motivated again. What do you think about it?






That's great. But to me, I am still in a very beginner level so I'm still learning by reading Al-Qur'an and its translation. And yes, it works.


Brilliant!! now you're learning words within a context but just a small tip try to use them as well in your speach. For example, you've learnt from the article you've read that سياسة means politics now try to write something using سياسة or when you talk to your tutor or you're arabic friend try to use this word with him or summarise what you've read in the article. So, the words stick to your mind that way. 


Hope that was helpful





It is amazing way in learning because contextualization is one of the best methods in learning any foreign language.

اتمنى لك كل التوفيق و أرجو منك أن تعزز تلك الطريقة بالتفاعل مع أصدقائك و بمحاولة الكتابة في هذا الموقع بالعربية كنوع من الممارسة لما تعلمته من الجرائد و سترى بعد ذلك بأن مستواك في تعلم العربية قد تقدم

والسلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته



well it sounds like a good idea, especially for someone who is already good enough to understand simple phrases. you can also search for classic english novels translated into arabic, both the version included, side by side, in the same edition.


good luck!

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