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Play this game with me we all will learn 10 languages in 5 Mins...

Aaap Kaise Hain? This means 'How are you?' in Hindi...

Friends, can you write 'How are you?' using english alphabets in your native language?


Like in Arabic it will be Keh Faalek? So can I expect some German , French , Spanish and all different natives to pitch in and to learn together...


With your support lets learn 10 ways to say How are you?...


First 10 different entries today will have the Title - 'Jewels of the Day ' :)

Every day we will play this game till we all know 10 languages in lets say next 6 months..



1) How are you ? English

2) keh Falek ? Arabic


Comment allez-vous ? ou Comment vas-tu ? French


Wie geht es dir? Wie geht's? Deutsch



Wéi geet ët? / Wéi geet ët dir?

Bagaimana kabarmu? / Apa kabar? Indonesian

senga ye? PUSHTO

Chetor hasten? PERSIAN

kaisy ho? URDU

¿Cómo estás?- Spanish (and Tagalog?)



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