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Looking for English native speakers who want to exchange with a French native speaker


Hi guys,

Is someone interrested by exchanging in English/French ? 

I want to improve my speaking skills in english with a native speaker. Please contact me if you want to skype with me.



Aïcha ^_^





Bonjour Aicha, si tu as besoin de conseils ou si tu as des interrogations dans ton apprentissage de l'anglais, n'hésite pas à me solliciter, je suis professeur d'anglais et serai ravi de t'aider. Bonne continuation.


Merci Laurent, c'est très gentil à toi !

Je recherche quelqu'un pour discuter en anglais afin de "m'obliger" à parler anglais et mettre en pratique ce que j'ai appris ;o)


Effectivement, c'est la meilleure des écoles, cela aide le cerveau à fonctionner plus rapidement dans la langue-cible ! Ici même, tu devrais trouver pas mal de volontaires ! Bonne chance.


I hope so ! 

Merci Laurent!


If you click on the "language partners" tab, you can do a search for members who speak English and are learning French. Follow them/send them a message to see if they're interested in doing a language exchange with you. I've managed to find several partners to help me learn Spanish by finding Spanish-speakers learning French/English and messaging them directly.


Good luck!


Thanks for the tip Stephanie ! I will do that.


hello! I am looking for a language partner via skype. I am highly motivated and would like to speak a few times per week. I can't figure out how to send a message to you except for this board.


Hi Bill,

You can send a message to people only if you and the person you want to send a message to are following each other

Send me a follow request if you want! We will exchange our skype id.


Take care.


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