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Do you think Italki is useful ..?

If you ask me: i would give it 30/100 




It's hard to rate italki itself, since really what it does is provide you with access the MOST important resource for language learners: actual human beings who speak the language that you're learning. If you don't feel that you're getting much from italki, it might because you haven't yet found the right language partners.

I'd give Italki something like a 5/10, because it does give us the way to communicate with people from around the world, but it doesn't have a chat and it's totally useless to put your Facebook/Skype/Twitter accounts in your profile 'cause others can't see them.

Also, it should have some kind of 'community' but for FREE teachers, people who speak professionally a language and will to help others in exchange for other language. Isn't that why this site was built? Language Exchange? What's the point in having to pay for a teacher? I'd rather go out and find a professional teacher than pay someone who may even not be a teacher.

In my opinion is 80/100.

I really like the fact that I can ask language questions and write some notebook entries to be corrected. I also found some language partners.

The advertising is a bit annoying but this is something that you have to put up with on a free webpage.

There are still some things to improve, of course, but this is a great resource.

@Khazan Jangiz: why only 30?


CamiloBlooddrunk-Italki does have a free language exchange feature. It's the whole site! You can look at the top of the page and see the section 'Language Partners'. 

not very much ..... may be 70 %


@ CamiloBlooddrunk: teachers for free?? Well I don't see your problem - they exist and are called "language partners" on italki -.- So your critique is not justified!



without a doubt, the best thing for me right now and in the future, you meet so many people from around the world, if willing see them, learn from them, talk to them...learn about their city, it's great!

I would give italki 85/100. Well italki is a good source well if you don't learn anything here it's your fault. I mean lets not only ask what did italki only offer but let us also ask ourselves like what did we do to learn? Did we use the sources in a right way which is here in italki for a better learning? 


it all depends on a teacher. if you have found "your" teacher, everything will be fine. if you didn't try enough or just talk during lessons, then it's just a way to spend time. 

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