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Does anyone need help?

I am bored right now and would like to help anyone that is learning English. The name is Neil and I am a Native speaker.



help me learning english bro if you not mind

Thank you, I need help too. And I can teach you Chinese if you need :)

help mee

Your help is needed to me please!

Hi~I'am Jody,and Chinese.I hope to get your help.

Sorry for taking a little while no problem. message me questions or you can ask here.

help me too :)

Please help me to learn English and I will help you learn the Russian language instead

I can't believe you just wrote something like that. You're bored and you want to pass your time with something. And when you're not bored, you will just quit helping others. You and many others confirms the bad image I have of America. Let me tell you that teaching someone is a kind of commitment not fun. Don't help people just because you're bored. Who are you to use people's need to entertain yourself? If you're bored, go and play a video game or watch a movie. If you want to teach, then be serious. You Americans really make my blood boil.

hey friend...whenever u get bored im volunteer for learning english from u:)

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