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How to speak arabic fluently ?!

I have a simple idea for muslims women who want to improve their arabic, i can help them in reading Quran with tajweed and help them to pronounce arabic letters fluently... I'm waiting for you sisters ! :)



ما شاء الله... جزاك الله خير أختي

I really want to be fluent in Arabic

Please share your idea ukhty, shukran jazilan. :)

Hi sister, we can start together from tomorrow if you want nshallah, add me on skype, i'll send it to you in a message :)

Thank you very much.

I'm waiting for your message :)


No brothers allowed ?? :'(

good its good way

If I am not Muslim, but can read Arabic, can I join in? 


I am an Arabic Online Teacher.. I can help anyone Read Arabic (and Quran) and learn MSA or Egyptian Arabic. You can add me on Skype saraeissa_languages if you are interested.

بارك الله فيك ونفع بك الامة الاسلامية

Reading quran is not like reading other arabic texts there are rules and the letters must be fluent acctually must be perfect, this why learning tajweed is the best way for me to learn arabic, this is my skype ID: amatouarahmen2... Sorry I accept only sisters ! :)

آمين و إياك أختي فاطمة، نفع الله بك :)

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