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I`m just interested in this topic.

What do you know about Belarus? About it`s people or culture or anything else. Have you ever heard Belorussian language?



all i know is that it's a cold country next to russia! a_a about the language and people nothing, sorry!

I`m from China,  Belarus is translated into Chinese as "白俄罗斯". 白 means white, while 俄罗斯 means Russia. So when I was a child , I thought the skin belorussians is fair or white.  The people there are not only tall, but also beautiful / handsome. Many people in China cannot tell the difference between  Belarus, Russia and the Soviet.  I`m sorry, lol.    o(∩_∩)o 

I just know there's women is very beautiful


Not as much other than my country (Sweden) taking their embassy out of your country, whichever singer/band your country brings to the Eurovision Song Contest and that apart from speaking Russian you have the Belarussian language. I would like to learn more because your country sounds very fascinating. 

Belarus is in East Europe, their capital is Minsk and I know the woman are pretty.

I like to learn culture and languages by songs. There are a lot of great belarusian songs on youtube. You can search using the tag Belarusian clips.

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