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Why are you learning Hebrew?

I had a look at the profiles of people learning Hebrew, and there are many people on italki from all over the world interested in Hebrew. There are under 10 million native speakers, and for most people it is hardly a language they need like English or Spanish. If you feel like sharing, I am curious to know what is your motivation.


Thank you for your respectful answers.





Honestly, I never thought I would be learning Hebrew someday. Happy circumstances led me to Israel, and here I am, trying to learn the language for a better integration into the culture and for more job opportunities. 


Out of curiosity, what about you Rosia?

I live in Israel and I speak Hebrew, but not as well as I would like to. I'm trying to make the leap to fluency, to be fully functioning in society.

I guess that I'm interested in people from places like China, Indonesia, Sweden, etc, for whom learning Hebrew is not a particularly obvious choice.


I train Krav Maga and we get regular visits from the Global Instructor Team from Israel, and they seem like wonderful cheerful people so I got interested in the culture :) Apart of that I also want to go to training camp next year and will probably visit regularly so I want to immerse myself better.


Also, it just sounds so goddamn good!

I am a Chinese woman. I am currently learning Hebrew And saving money to visit Israel next Oct. I will be very happy to meet you if you could help my Hebrew . thank you .

Hi Grace, I have an accent in Hebrew as I'm not a native speaker, so it might be better for you to learn from a native. But I made a list of resources for people learning:

So that might be helpful for you. And I'm happy to help with specific questions you might have.

But back to my question, if you don't mind answering, I'm curious to know how or why someone from China came to be interested in Israel and learning Hebrew.


Shalom l'kulam! :)

When I was a young girl I visited Israel and that's were I left my heart. I fell in love with the people, the land, culture, history, music, cuisine, and every other aspect of Israel. Learning Hebrew has helped me have deeper understanding of the Tanakh. Studying Gematria is mind blowing. It just makes you appreciate even more the beauty of the Hebrew language that isn't like any other language in the world. It's more than a language, it's the DNA of the universe. Hebrew has also opened the door for me to learn Arabic and Aramaic. It's been a amazing adventure learning Hebrew and I hope that very soon this journey will lead me back to Israel were it all started 7 years ago b'ezrat Hashem, amen.


I'm an Egyptian girl like to know about Israel & Israeli 

we don't know much about either 

so that's why 

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