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Let's play a game?)

I think, u've already seen this game on other pages/websites and so on. 


Rules: just answer the question of previous user and ask yours.



U1: ur favourite sort  of apples?

U2: Granny Smith.

   The last time u saw..erm..elephant?

U3: Last week

 What is ur favourite....?


And so on.


So. The best book u've ever read, was...?)



Paolo Coelhio ""Veronika decides to die"",,,,,

I should ask a question ,,  the country you dream to visit?

Daniel Glattauer (Original title: Gut gegen Nordwind) I read it in Spanish


Which was last animal / pet you had in your hands?

India: to return and stay there)


The best place u've ever visited?

Sorry, Ekain, i have't seen ur message:)
By the way, we should answer the last question, written my previous person:) 

Думаю он не виноват ,тут проблема проста такая , что поздно доходит все,,...:))  Может он и не видел моего вопроса..


Q:have you heard of astrosociology?

Do u really believe that all races follow the stellar rhythm of solar system?)

The cutest animal is..?) 

SHREK   hahah!!!!!!!!!  joking  :))  dog 

your favourite nation?

no,only species which are advanced than arthropod.

the cutest animal I think is pikachu,well,in reality,I think it's panda.

Q:how's your level of english?

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