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Which Country would you like to visit?

...and what of that country leads you to visit it?!



I would like to visit Argentina :)

Tough question for me!!

I'm interested to visit France! Just because I'm enchanted by its places!

Instead in the matter of culture I would love to visit japan, because it's 

another world for me and I'd like learn about that culture that I've always admired!

Spain, Australia, Japan :)

Laurent: ahaha I don't care about people! xD Just now I could see that you are from france x)))

well I don't care about you! ahah

yeah I understood that!

I am eager to visit GB,, London,,!!!!!! I wish i will do it some time,,

England, Ireland, Spain, Italy ;) Laurent j'adore la définition que tu fais des français ;) Japan... Je crois que j'aimerais aussi.

I would love to visit Sweden,Finland and Turkey..those are my dream destinations!

Et moi je les remis en "up" ton commentaire Laurent, car je trouvais ça drole ;)

No worries! I didn't click on anything ahah Someone doesn't agree with your thought XD

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