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Have you really meet someone entertaining people in the city park by sing and play guitar, like in the film?

Maybe it sounds silly but I'm really curious about this one thing!^^ Because in some movies, the scene about someone who do performance in the city park and entertaining everyone there, are appears frequently. Since I love to sing, I think it's really interesting to do. But I'm not sure that it's really happen in every country.
P.S: don't forget to let me know where are you from, ok.;) Thank you.



actually I have seen nobody like that, but I heard some peoples they played the flutes ( I think they all was in a flute club) . It was very great :P But even in the film, if someone sing and play guitar, I see everybody around give them money ( usually there are many money because they sing good :)))...So they play music not only for entertaining people but also earn

what u said is often happen in chinese street or park........but most of them do this as a job like a busker....a few of them like what u said , just for entertaining the people ... i love their ways to show their  intrest and spare happiness with unknown people.  good music makes people feel enjoy. it happen several times , that  i'm surprised by the music  which was played when i am on the street. the truly people play is more reality and more infectant than cd play.if u  love it ,then do it. u can't  imagin what u  can give to the pass by person........ by the way  i am from china ..... and my english is not good enough....and now i,m tired to use google translate ......ha ha ha    …… ^ ^


Well, I tried that in French parks but since I play the guitar very badly and am not good-looking, it was always a total fail ... ;)

 Have you ever heard kordish song?

we are muslim and we never dance in  the public and where there are men specialy strange men!

but when we hear the kordish song that are really good for dance  some of us couldnt control our shoulder so it s really interesting!!

  : )

Wah, thank you for all of your answer!^^ I'm glad to know it! Though I'm still wait for information from other countries but all of your comments are really help me.=)) Have a nice day^^

l have seen alot in China. they are not just to entertain people, they actually really enjoy what they do, even for many elderly people.

This happens in the US. I've seen performers in the subway stations and on the streets in Boston and New York.

Thank you^^

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