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Chinese calligraphy, stunning examples, great artists

When you want to see the stunning examples of Chinese calligraphy where you go online?

Who is your favorite calligrapher? Recently? In the past times? Where online people can see the examples?



try this website


also you can BAIDU(like google, but works better with Chinese)the calligrapher's name, and find the pictures on this website

Better use Chinese characters as key word.


famous calligraphers:王羲之,颜真卿,欧阳询,柳公权,毛泽东

further information:


wow~~haha,recetenly im start try work it,its my works which i wrote the day before yesterday.


ok...i want find a way to upload it...but can't...forget it....


My favoraite style is 篆书 seal charater, come check them here.

super amazing,super connection well with the space.....

I love it~~~~~

Thank you for your answers and interest to the topic! The pictures are so wonderful, I am going to spend month to travel through Chinese calligraphy sites. I'd like to find Tung Tso-pin, he was a calligrapher for English edition of I Ching (Translators Wilhelm and Baynes). This edition is very famous along Westerners interested in Chinese culture and language. Tanks a lot!

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