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I apologize to the italki religious community.

I apologize to the italki religious community, and I especially apologize to those who had flagged my comments a total of 42 times as being insensitive to the Islamic or Christian belief system of numerous italki users. I want to thank the italki administrators for making me aware of how my anti-religious comments have angered so many people of faith. I fully agree that I should not participate in any further religious discussion on this website. I'm happy to help italki users who want to learn English. Italki is an awesome place for learning foreign languages and it is not an appropriate place for me and others to discuss religion.



Didn't you never read the  rules on this site, before? !  :o 

This message can be also seems to be" uncomfortable " !  It could be better to be discreet.

Sorry but it's my opinion.

Yeah, pretty much all somewhat controversial topics like religion and politics end up deleted anyway, apparently you're only allowed to discuss meaningless bullcrap like "what is love?" or "would you prefer love or money?" on italki...

francesina ... My apology is sincere, and I do believe that italki is not the appropriate place for religious or political discussion.

anathème ... There are many interesting topics to discuss about France; for example, Paris, French wine and beautiful beaches. ... :D ...  There are no beautiful beaches near where I live in the middle of the United States.  Imported French wine is too expensive for me to buy on a regular basis. Sometimes, I can barely even afford to buy California wine. ... :(

Religion is always a very polemical issue anywhere. I believe here is prohibited not to generate conflict and flee the purpose of site.There are many interesting topics that can be discussed.

I appreciate the respect for everyone...That's all.

Laurent, I actually think that's a great idea, maybe that way people would realize that religions have a lot more in common that their followers like to think :P 

Why is it wrong when I tell about respect?  Is it better speaking about  anything and  being ,only critical?

Carina Pinto, Some random name (lol), Matt and Laurent ...  Thanks for sharing your comments.  I suppose there are plenty of other sites to discuss religion.  I understand why italki shouldn't be one of them.  Italki should be used to help each other learn foreign languages rather than trying to convince each other that our own personal religious belief system ( or lack of ) is the best.  :D 


I never get people who say they are offended. If you're sensitive about your religion and can't take people questioning it then don't click on those topics - simple! I think I would have learnt languages at school better if they had used such interesting and contraversial subjects. Trying to debate topics is a good way to practise.

Wow the way you talk now is somewhat different from the way you talk before.

Well I like reading discussion about religion because religion is part of culture however some people are just too personal. Perhaps they can't handle tension or they are so into it. Well for me your post/comments does not affect me but for others I know they were affected so it's a good thing you ask for forgiveness but on the second thought I think you should not be sorry for what you have done because if they haven't open such discussion you will not post those comments. If they are going to open a discussion they should make sure that they can accept whatever feedback or comments they might be receiving because people here are from different countries with different principles and beliefs... blah blah ^^

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