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What do you think is the best job in the world?



It is the job which you would do for free.

Gourmet, if you like to eat. Game tester, if you spend your hours playing computer games. Basketball player, if it is the hobby that you like the most...As for me, it is a job which enables me to travel around the world and taste local food for free.


It`s a job which you like to do. 

A weather forecaster. You get paid when you are wrong. 

I think it's the job where you to be happy.

In my opinion ,I'd like to be a travel guide,because as a guide,I could travel all the interesting scenery for free! 

do what you like to do and you can get what you want

game design :D

The best job in this world is a job that suit your talents, give you chance to do your best, and when you do it, you always feel the time pass to fast because you love to do it.^^ For myself, I think an artist (singer/music composer and novelist will be great.=)

Haha, What Xarmanla said made me laugh. but l agree what Cartoonsmaker said.

A job which meets your inclination, what you've studied or what you've learnt to do. A job where you can make the difference. A job which guarantee a salary you can live with in a dignified way and don' take up most of the day (I don't think men are born to live for working, we also must  take care of our loved ones, have a social life, cultivate our interests,...).

Does it exists? :-P

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