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Why have two different Armenian notation.

One is the unique Armenian alphabet. Another is alphabetical.



sorry, i don't understand what you mean.

Please if it is possible ask again,,,,,I am armenian and i will be able to answer u,,,

There are two distinct letters. One kind of like abcde ... but another is the written text looks complicated.

Nick , i think you confuse something i will send you the link of Armeninan alphabet,,,it is something unique and different//     աբգդեզ....... etc...:))

In Armenia the domestic two different letter can be accepted.

I think you're talking about those two different alphabets, western and eastern, right ?

օրինակ: the eastern ասդֆ Բարի' գիշեր 

and western աստֆ Գիշեր բարի, the first one being the dominant one with an undated figure of 4,3 million, whereas the latter having an undated figure of 880,000 native speakers, at least that's what it said about the population on wikipedia, though it's not verified, just implicit, hope that cleared up some things, Բարի բախտ :)


Hi:  I am part Armenian and even lived in Armenia for most of 2013, but I only know a little Armenian.  I'm not sure I understand what you are asking, but I think you are asking one of two things - so I will answer both questions.


First, there are two major dialects of Armenian: Eastern Armenian, which is the official language of the Republic of Armenia, and Western Armenian, which is the language that was spoken by many diasporans (including my Mom).  The dialects are very similar, but I think the grammar is a bit different.  Both Eastern and Western Armenian use the Armenian script, which is very different from the English alphabet.  Many times words in Eastern Armenian are the same or almost the same as those in Western Armenian.  For example, "Barev" is an informal "Hello" in Eastern Armenian and "Parev" is "Hello" in Western Armenian.  Now, I wrote both those words using the English script.  In the Armenian script, you might see it like "բարև" or "բարեւ."  (It is quite common for an Eastern Armenian "b" sound to be a "p" sound in Western Armenian and vice versa - same goes for "t, d" and a number of other pairs like that.


Second, given that most people don't know the Armenian script, it is quite common for people, including Armenians, to write Armenian words using another language's script, like English.  This is called "transliteration."  So, the transliterated version of this informal "hello" is "barev."


By the way, in Armenia, you usually say the more formal, "Barev Dsez" when you meet people.  If you walk into any store in Armenia, the first thing you will hear is "Barev Dsez."

Yeah I understood what you ment.Well, we Armenians as an ancient nation have our own alphabet which are very unique and can be confused with no other letters in this world.Maybe you have seen some Armenians writing in Latin  alphabet which confused you.I guess you are confused because we Armenians use latin letter while talking online.My answer is that we use latin alphabet because we are lazy enough to use ours.

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